Who#1 // Kill For Total Peace

Et un jour ils tueront peut être les sales hippies huppés, en attendant ils s'explosent la mâchoire dans un éclat psychédélique. ils lisent peut être la bible et sont souvent aussi frais que des poivrots vernis, en tout cas ils dégueulent une fraîcheur fiévreuse d'un rock bien sympathique. addictions & morts soudaines.

How are you gonna die?
Overkilled by death

What is your favorite shit?
Good question. Probably the morning one just after coffee and a
cigarette or the one you held in until you got home after a night at
your new girls house

What is your favorite song?
The song thats gonna make me a millionaire

Why you can't sleep?
I sleep fine, I have TOTAL peace of mind

What are your addictions?
Walking, thinking, fucking, smoking and drinking, but I'm trying like
fuck to give them up...

Do you think you're a genius?
"When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all
the dunces are in a confederacy against him"

Describe yourself in two words
No Ice

For who you wanna die for?
Give me ONE good reason do die for someone... I would rather kill for...

Who you wanna kill?
all the hippies

Who you wanna be?
briSS Örtefëux

A last word
Kill for.....? Make your own choice

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Kill For, super album!

Anonyme a dit…


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